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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

From Here to Insanity

By the time you read this, Sophia will have gone back to uni and the house will be quiet again. I hate to say it, but I am happy to be relieved of my mum duties for a few weeks. I'm not going to miss the laundry, or any of the chaos that goes with sharing a house with twin teens. Oh, and I'm really looking forward to having my car back!

Here's a little quiz about how it went on Sunday when we headed back to uni. Warning: there may be a few trick-questions with more than one correct answer:

1. How did Sophia spend her last day at home?

a) Rounding up all of her belongings
b) Catching up on last minute coursework
c) Offering to help with all the fun tasks that required my attention before she left
d) Rowing

2. When does our darling daughter start to pack for the return trip to university?

a) A couple of days before we leave
b) During the previous day
c) 10 pm, the night before
d) Packing, what packing?

3. What did I do on the day before we left?

a) Made a huge batch of rocky road for my daughter to share with her flatmates
b) Opened a bottle of wine
c) Lost my temper
d) Caught up on all the laundry my darling daughter had thoughtfully added to the laundry basket that morning

4. What has Sophia left behind?

a) Absolutely nothing, she'd written a list and crossed things off as she packed
b) Just a couple of things that aren't important
c) A clean and tidy bedroom
d) Her toothbrush, a nightclub membership card, all of her Easter eggs (nomnomnom), her printer cable, several items of rowing kit and the list just keeps on growing!

5. Despite our best intentions, what time do we actually leave the house for the return journey?

a) On-time, naturally
b) A few minutes later than planned
c) We were so organised, we left early
d) Over an hour late!

6. How am I feeling by the time we leave the house?

a) Relaxed
b) Devastated that I'll be returning to an empty house
c) Completely organised
d) Exasperated

7. It's late when we finally arrive home, what do Mr A and myself do?

a) Fantasise about a few child-free weeks
b) Look at the state of the house and sigh
c) Retire for the night and tell ourselves that tomorrow is another day
d) Sleep for 12 hours

8. What will I be doing during the next week at home?

a) Making the most of the peace and quiet
b) Feeling sad now that my babies have flown the nest for a few more weeks
c) More laundry
d) Peeling the rind of teen grunginess off the house

9. How did the rocky road I made go down with her flatmates?

a) They loved it
b) They didn't get to eat any, we ate the entire batch before we arrived
c) No idea, they were all still asleep when we left
d) It didn't! Still sitting in the fridge when we arrived home!!

10. How is Sophia feeling when we leave her at uni and head for home?

a) Sad that she won't get to see her parents for a couple of months
b) Elated that she's all organised for the term ahead
c) Thrilled at the prospect of more coursework, essays and deadlines
d) Happy to be home

Congratulations if you picked option 'd' to questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. The trick questions were 3, 7 and 8 - where options a-d were all correct.

So there you have it, that was Easter Sunday for 3 members of the Anderton family. Here's to June and both daughters heading home at the end of their first year at uni. How did the time go so fast?

Until next time...

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

What Does the Cox Say?

Sophia was recruited as a cox for our local rowing club at the tender age of 12. She's petite, feisty and likes to be in control of everything, so I guess she's kind of perfect for the role. Over the years, I've lost count of the number of times she's crawled out of bed at some unearthly hour and fallen, or been thrown in the river, but it's never put her off, and rowing is how she likes to spend almost all of her free time.

Since she's been home for Easter, my daughter (and also my car) have been missing a lot. Sophia's been training and has competed at several events. The weather has been pretty kind and with the clocks going forward an hour, this has meant even more time for rowing.

After getting the boat off the water, the crew usually head into the bar for refreshment and to mull over the latest training session, while thinking about how soon they can possibly go out again. Sophia was enjoying a drink after a session earlier this week, when one of her crew ran into the clubhouse and said, 'Sophia, there's a strange man standing by your car.'

'There is?' she replied.

'Could it be your brother, or boyfriend maybe?' he asked.

'Nope, I don't have a brother, or a boyfriend,' she said.

'Right, that's it, we're all coming back to the car with you and we'll get this sorted.'

Sophia finished her drink and left with all 8 of her crew members. She was almost at the car when she spotted a familiar figure. 'It's OK guys, that's my dad.' she said to her crew. Who, bless them still insisted on walking her back anyway and telling Mr A that they'd wanted to hit him.

It's a nice thought that someone is looking out for your daughter even though she's all grown-up. And they might all be completely bonkers at the rowing club, but it's great that they all look out for each another.

Mr A has always loved to watch Sophia training. I'd like to think that the pub on the river bank has nothing to do with it whatsoever, but I'd probably be delusional. He decided to go and watch earlier in the week and was hoping that she'd give him a lift. He almost got more than he bargained for, although he was also quite grateful to the crew for wanting to protect his daughter.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Never Trust a Teen With Your iPod

My daughters have been home (on and off) for the past 4 weeks and that means 2 things:
  1. There's always chart music playing somewhere in the house. 
  2. I have caught up on all the latest tracks I may have missed during the previous 3 months.
And whenever they're home, they run off with my iPod and download a selection of tracks that I may, or may not actually like. It's always amusing to find out what they've added to my playlist.

Here are the latest 3 tracks:

Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha - This one's been in the charts for a long time and I can only begin to imagine how hectic Pitbull's days are. How many artists has he collaborated with over the years exactly? Does he wake up every morning and think only, 'Heck, who's video am I appearing in today?' I still love this, even though it was released back in December in the UK. Look out for some incredible line dancing and the adorable swimming pigs.

Enrique Iglesias- I'm A Freak ft. yep, you guessed it, Pitbull. To be honest, I wasn't convinced I liked this first time around - but it's definitely grown on me. Enrique turns forty next year, which doesn't make me old enough to be his mother, despite what my daughters might think. Warning - this video features a lot of scantily-clad females and only one scantily-clad male that, erm, sadly isn't Enrique. Look out for Enrique in glasses - cute.

Pharrell - Happy. I still love this song, even though it's been available to download since last year and we had a sneak preview during summer 2013, as it's the soundtrack from Despicable Me 2. It's impossible to listen to, without feeling 110% better than you did at the start. And why do I have an overwhelming urge to recreate the video featuring clips of my daughters dancing? You can only begin to imagine their response when I was crazy enough to suggest it.

I would like to thank Sophia and Olivia, for not downloading some of their more alternative music choices onto my playlist this time around. Although, I usually develop a taste for whatever they've downloaded eventually. I've even taken to Macklemore's Thrift Shop ft Ryan Lewis. Having heard this on the radio yesterday, I've decided that it's so bad, it's actually good! Sadly, there wasn't a clean version of the video to download on the blog.

I can't help thinking that there should be clubs for mums who just want to dance and have no one judge their moves. When I shared this thought with my daughters, they told me that was what housework was for! Ever feel like Cinderella?

Until next time...

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Mistaken Identity

Earlier this week, I bumped into a lady in the supermarket who obviously thought she knew me rather well. She greeted me with, 'Hi, I haven't seen you in ages, how are you?' As I was too polite to question who she was, I replied with an enthusiastic 'I'm good thanks, how are you?' All the while I was wondering, who the heck this person was and in what capacity I might know her.

I cast the net wide, thinking maybe she was a parent from school, an old work colleague, someone who worked at the doctors, dentists, opticians, or vets, and drew a blank. We continued to chat and I was listening for clues that might enlighten me further. None were forthcoming and so, I cast the net further out, thinking: someone from the charity I volunteer for, one of my daughter's friends from rowing, the wife of one of Mr A's business associates - all hopeless, I was none the wiser.

I tried to say nothing that might incriminate me (or any other member of the family) and I continued to bump into this person over and over, as we moved up and down the aisles. 'We must stop meeting like this,' she said, as we headed towards the checkout and I was thinking, 'Who the heck are you?'

I still have no idea who this lady was. She obviously thought she knew me quite well, but didn't refer to me by name, mention my daughters, or my husband. But whoever she was, thank you for completely baffling me earlier this week. I left the supermarket wondering if I was losing my mind, starting an early menopause, or possibly, both. Who knows?

To make things even worse, as we were leaving she added, 'We must meet up for coffee, I'll call you.' I can't wait. I'll have think very carefully about how I can work out who she is, before that happens. At time of writing, I am still waiting for a call.

Please tell me this kind of thing happens to you too?

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